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Sooner or later, your old confidential records will begin to take up valuable space in your office, cubicle, storage areas. We can help you clear up some of that space by destroying or storing your unused files.

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We are pleased to offer you a central repository from some great confidential records management information. Check out our blog regularly as we often post critical information about securing your confidential data.

Protecting Your Assets

Information Disposal & Risk Management
CA – Records Management – Integrating Privacy Principles
Best Practices – Bill 38 – PIPA – British Columbia
Database Back Up – Are you At Risk
Create & Maintain Your Own Document First Aid Kit
Moldy Records: Hype or Hazard?

Mobile Shelving Systems

General Brochure
Library Cantilever Shelving Systems
Case Type – Cabinet Style Shelving
Correctional & Law Enforcement
Fashion Forward Series – Designer Panels
Healthcare Storage Solutions
High Density Mechanical Mobile Storage
High Density Powered Storage
Leaders in Energy & Environmental Design
Multi Flex Weapons Storage Cabinets
Museum Cabinets
Quadramobile – Expandable-Portable
Smart Shelf Systems
Storage Solutions for Athletic Equipment
The Art of Storage – Art & Artifacts
The Concept of Space Efficiency
Periodical Displays

Misc. other files

Why Choose Interior Vault


The DuraFlex Executive Console
The E-Series Security Shred Carts

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