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Document Restoration

Recover damaged photos, patient charts, legal and accounting files, with Interior Vault’s document restoration and recovery service.

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Fire or Water Damage

We are Document Restoration experts!

It is essential that businesses can recover wet, and smoke/fire damaged records and files. Especially in the legal, financial, and healthcare industries.

Time is of the essence

It is very important that the document recovery process starts within the first 24hrs after the damage to prevent ink bleed and other complications. If you have wet records, they will be frozen immediately in order to keep them in a suspended state until your insurance company approves the restoration. Do you know that most insurance companies will cover the cost to recover critical company records? Once your project is complete, we invoice your insurance company directly. We provide immediate response service within a matter of hours.

Modern Methods

A new generation of thermal vacuum freeze dryers designed for books, documents, and paper materials can return your damaged articles to a restored, clean and stable condition. Often, after drying and our ozone treatment process is completed no further restoration is required.

If your documents are exposed to sewage, carry mold, or bacteria, the restoration process will include sterilizing the items using gamma irradiation along with the drying process.

In a restoration emergency, we can work closely with disaster response and restoration companies. Proper consultation with your team before we begin the restoration process ensures a high level of security for your records. If you’re in need of a record or file during the restoration process, our barcoding and inventory records tracking system will find your file and in most cases, we can provide a file transfer.

To prevent records damage in the future or from happening again, consider storing your files securely in our fireproof records vault.

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Acting fast & knowing what to do is half the battle!

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We process many types of media for restoration

– Archival Records
– Audio Tapes
– Blueprints
– Books
– Compact Discs
– Data Requiring Retrieval
– Disk Drives
– Diskettes
– Drawings
– Documents
– Files
– Film
– Important Papers
– Laser Discs
– Libraries
– Magazines
– Manuscripts
– Maps
– Microfiche
– Microfilm
– Negatives
– Paper Materials
– Photographs
– Slides
– White prints
– Video Tapes

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Secure Document Storage

Whether your company’s documents are on paper, computer tape, or microfilm—storing and protecting them is critical to protecting your business.