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Document Storage

Whether your company’s documents are on paper, computer tape, or microfilm—storing and protecting them is critical to protecting your business.

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Document Storage

Many companies have large volumes of paper records that require maintenance and secure storage. Commercial and business office space is costly and not as secure as you might think. Additionally, finding that one document ‘quickly’ can add up those labour costs. Our off-site record storage is inexpensive and completely secure, we can retrieve and deliver your files quickly and securely.

Creating an internal records management program can be daunting, especially when your office has limited space, and, in some cases, limited resources to make it happen. We offer comprehensive document management and protection for the files you must retain for regulatory compliance.

The storage of your documents off-site can also be problematic with respect to cost and security, so we store your documents by the box, and not by the space used in our secure facility. As a result, this makes storing records with us significantly more cost-efficient than any other document storage available.

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Document Storage Retrieval

Once you have stored your records in our secure facilities you can retrieve them for any reason. Our records management system can locate documents easily and quickly at your convenience.

Record Review Dates

Your stored records are assigned a ‘review’ date. Our system will notify us prior to this date. We will then work with you to determine what’s next for your records – destruction or back to storage until the next review.

Document Storage Report

Each customer receives a monthly report of all account activity within their company or organization. As a result, they can stay on top of their confidential information 24/7.

This activity report Includes:

  • Name of person requesting cartons, files or information, time and date
  • The time and date cartons were signed out by your company and returned to us
  • Date and time cartons are retrieved, delivered and signed for by your company

Records Management

It can be difficult to understand ‘records and privacy-related laws’, industry requirements and retention periods. This makes managing the retention of your business records for storage complicated and time-consuming. Our trained staff can reduce your risk, and save you time and money by helping you with your internal records management program.

To discuss your options and find out more about how we can help you with a records management solutions contact us and talk to one of our representatives.

Packing your Documents

Does your staff need help packing up your records into cartons? Let us help! We are pros at indexing, archiving and barcoding all manner of documents for fast and easy retrieval. For instance, we can cross-file documents within cartons and schedule times for certain records to be maintained or securely destroyed.

Document Storage Security

Off-site storage for your documents with us means greater security for your business. Our secure storage facilities protect your valuable business information from theft, flood and fire damage. We use engineered storage systems that are designed to hold thousands of cartons. Our cartons are built to the strongest standards for stacking and file protection.

Our record center is under a secure 24-hour infrared monitored video surveillance.

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