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What You and Your Customers Should Know

The serious crime of identity theft is growing and we are hearing about it in the media. It can take time and money to sort out the confusion left behind identity theft and to fix ones respected name and credit history. Victims of identity theft may be declined for loans, work opportunities, certain applications and much more.

The important question is – how can you or your business prevent identity theft? Like any crime, it is impossible to control whether you will be victimized. However, according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and the Canadian Consumer Protection Agency, it is possible to considerably minimize you’re the risk of your clients and their personal information by having a company engaged in the collection, control and destruction of confidential material.

Most commonly, containers can be spread throughout your location, which would hold all of their confidential material and documents to be disposed. As the shredder company, we would go to your office on a set schedule to collect the waste paper and documents. We shred and destroy the material at your location or shred it on-site at Interior Vault Ltd..

Both are secure and eco-friendly, there are many reasons to choose Interior Vault Ltd to have your waste paper and documents to be shredded. Aside from general security, identity theft starts with simple information in the form of a name, a phone number and an email address and unfortunately most simple information like this can easily wind up in the garbage if the proper security system is not implemented, leaving it legally available to anyone interested. Trash has become the most accessible source of competitive and confidential data for business espionage professionals, making average companies the most vulnerable. Every establishment that throws out confidential and proprietary data without implementing a document destruction program exposes itself to the growing risk of criminal and civil prosecution, along with risking the loss of business.

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