Document Storage/Retrieval

Sooner or later, your old confidential records will begin to take up valuable space in your office, cubicle, storage areas. We can help you clear up some of that space by securely storing or, shredding and destroying your outdated files.


Document Storage & Information Management

Sooner or later, your old confidential records will begin to take up valuable space in your office, cubicle, storage areas. We can help you clear up some of that space by destroying or storing your unused files. Outdated files can be confidentially destroyed, but the rest of your records will require a set retention period. When this happens, box them up and send them directly to Interior Vault for storage. Interior Vault stores by the box not the space used in the facility, which makes storing your records with Interior Vault significantly more cost efficient than any other form of storage available.


Interior Vault Record Center is under a secure 24 hour infrared monitored video surveillance.

Interior Vault File Management Record Retrieval

Once the records have been securely stored in our retention system. These records may be retrieved for questions from customers, vendors and business partners, research within your organization, audits or questions from regulators such as CRA.

Because you won’t keep all of your records forever, they will need to be located when it is time to destroy them. Adhering to both your records management system and our data management recall system we are able to determine when the cartons and files are due for review and destruction.

Inventory Report

To complete the process, Interior Vault will provide you with a complete transaction/inventory report of any monthly activity within your company or organization.

Your Inventory Report Includes:

  • Time, date, and name of person requesting cartons, files or information.
  • Time and date cartons were signed out from your company and received by Interior Vault.
  • Time and date that cartons are retrieved, delivered and signed by your company.
  • As you can see, Interior Vault puts you in complete control of your records and information at all times! Interior Vault never changes your filing system. We simply place a barcode in front of your filing sequence.
  • Download Documents:
  • PDF Benefits of Record Storage
  • PDF Record Storage Customer Procedure Manual

Consulting Service

Records and privacy related laws could be hard to interpret. Protecting your organization through staffing changes, corporate acquisitions, litigation, and relocation, managing the retention of the business records for storage can be complicated. Most companies do not have a professional records management staff on board to help manage these issues.

Interior Vault has the solutions for records management programs, records management analysis needs and applying retention schedules to existing records. Our expertise helps businesses throughout BC’s Interior to ensure their regulatory compliance and reduce storage costs.

To discuss your options and find our more about how Interior Vault can help you find records management solutions, contact us and talk to one of our representatives.

Download Documents: PDF White Paper: Records Retention Mergers & Acquisitions

Inventory Packing

Need some help packing up your records into cartons? We can help, with indexing and archiving.

If you do not already have your records stored in cartons you might need a little extra muscle to get your archiving project underway. Interior Vault is here to help you pack your records into cartons. We can also provide archiving service and record the contents of all your containers. Once archived and indexed, bar codes are placed on each carton, making retrieval fast and easy.

Once your records are at Interior Vault our relationship doesn’t stop there. We can cross file documents within cartons, schedule times for certain records to be securely destroyed. We are document archival experts and are ready to help you organize your business!

Off-Site Storage

Rising real estate costs make onsite records storage very expensive compared to Interior Vault’s offsite storage solutions. Off site storage lets you reclaim your offices, hallways, storage area’s and convert them to more productive cost effective use.

At Interior Vault, the cost for your storage is calculated by the box, not the space used in the facility. Which makes storing your records with Interior Vault significantly less cost than mini storage or any other form of storage available.

Off-site storage also means greater security. Our secure storage facilities protect your valuable business information from theft, flood and fire damage. Our engineered storage systems are designed to hold thousands of record cartons, and our cartons are also built to the strongest standards for stacking and file protection.

Service Levels

Level I:

Individual File / Magnetic Tape Delivery

Level I is for the business requesting a single file or up to 10 files or tapes from an individual carton. Upon receiving and confirming the request for document delivery, Interior Vault staff will use our computerized scanning system to locate and withdraw your files for delivery to your office or a location of your choice (the courthouse or hospital are some examples of alternate delivery locations). Interior Vault’s file management system will track the withdrawal and return of your document.

Simply contact us to arrange a time for us to securely provide pick-up, scanning and re-filing.

Delivery requested before 1:30AM are delivered the same day.
Delivery requested after 1:30AM are delivered next business day.

Level II:

Multi-Carton Delivery

Level II is for the business requesting a large number of cartons to be delivered (over 25). After confirming the receipt of your request forms, Interior Vault’s staff will use our computerized scanning system to pull your cartons from the shelf and deliver them to your office or another pre-approved location. Your Interior Vault representative will assist you in making arrangements for secure pick of your cartons to our records retention center for re-filing and storage again.

Depending on the size of the order and the volume of retrieval requests, large orders may take up to 24 hours for delivery to your site. Interior Vault will call prior to delivery to ensure that you are prepared to handle the incoming cartons of records.

Level III:

Rush Service

Our level III rush service is for the business urgently requiring files or cartons (backup tapes for disaster recovery, files needed at the courthouse, etc). This service is available 24x7x365 and guaranteed in less than an hour, during office hours. As with all other levels, Interior Vault will pull the appropriate cartons, records, files, or tapes upon the confirmation of the receipt of your request form.

Level III service has 3 ways of documents delivery:

  • Interior Vault will deliver the documents in person or, by private tunnel cloud.
  • A bonded courier may pick up the documents for delivery (identification required)
  • The customer may pick up the documents

As with all other service levels, simply contact Interior Vault when done with the files and we will provide secure pick up, scanning and replacement into our retention system.

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