Secure Paper Shredding

Some day your old confidential records will begin to take up valuable space in your office, cubicle, or storage areas. We can give you this space back by securely shredding documents that are at the end of their lifecycle.

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Secure Paper Shredding

Your old files won’t fall into the wrong hands using our secure onsite paper shredding service, this solution will give you peace of mind knowing your records were destroyed confidentially.

When you use us to shred your documents you’re not only securing your business, but you are also helping the environment as all shredded records are recycled and used to support the development of many post-consumer products.

We never compromise on your businesses security and, as a result, you’ll never have to worry about your information ending up in the wrong hands when you use any one of our convenient service options.

Here at Interior Vault, we dedicate ourselves to the highest level of secure paper and media shredding standards in order to protect your business. Our staff takes pride in giving each customer peace of mind by taking the security of your private information seriously.

Security and service is our business. Our NAID certified personnel will shred and destroy your secure materials beyond recognition, reconstruction, and readability and present you with a Certificate of Destruction certifying the time and date your materials were destroyed.


Reduce your Risk

Outsourcing your business shredding reduces your liability for breach of confidential information, so we offer a NAID Certified off-site, cost-effective, secure paper shredding solution.

The security and privacy of your information assets at the end of their life cycle is critical. Day to day paperwork, corporate files, documents, digital media, and hardware can be a significant business liability if not disposed of properly.

A secure paper shredding service like ours ensures you limit your risk.

How secure paper shredding works


Step 1

One of our staff will pick up your documents at your facilities or if your documents are stored in our facilities our computerized document management system will inform us that one or more of your cartons are up for review.


Step 2

If your documents are stored at Interior Vault one of our staff will get in touch to discuss your options. If you choose to continue storing your records we will re-schedule another review date.


Step 3

If you want them destroyed one of our staff will send you our authorization form to complete and after confirming the signatures we securely destroy your documents using our high-performance crosscut shredders.


Step 4

Upon completion, we will provide you with a legal Certificate of Destruction.

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Secure Office Waste Recycling

We offer a full office paper recycling program (this includes cardboard and newsprint) for local businesses. Disposing of all of your unwanted office paper products is simple with our secure containers.

Everything that enters our secure facility is confidentially shredded and destroyed and comes with a legal ‘Certificate of Destruction’ upon completion.

Products acceptable for shredding, reduction, compaction, and recycling are:

  • Coloured & White Envelopes
  • Coloured & White Paper
  • File Folders
  • Kraft (Brown) Papers
  • Magazines
  • Newsprint
  • Phonebooks
  • Card Stock Material
  • Books & Catalogs
  • Cardboard
Secure paper shredding | Interior Vault | Kamloops, BC

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