Hard Drive Shredding

For all of our hard drive shredding, we use a high-capacity shredder to totally destroy computer hard drives, optical media, and other electronics.

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Hard Drive Shredding

Our hard drive shredder offers reliable and cost-effective destruction of obsolete electronic storage devices. This includes computer hard drives, optical media, and other (handheld devices, metal tapes, flash drives, etc.). Simply throwing these devices in the trash poses a serious threat to your personal and business digital data security.

Hard Drive shredding offers maximum protection. It eliminates any possibility of reconstruction and retrieval. Physical destruction is the most effective and desirable solution for unwanted or obsolete data storage devices. With its 60,000 lb hydraulic pressure and high-torque drive train, our hard drive shredder can thoroughly destroy up to 4 hard drives per minute.

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Laptop Destruction

If you or your business is upgrading, selling, recycling, or throwing old computers away you don’t want to leave traces of vital information for your competition or criminals to use. Even a formatted hard drive is still at risk, so protect yourself by contacting us to shred and destroy your old electronics.

We Are Green

Once shredded and destroyed, we follow a certified “green” e-stewardship program for recycling the precious and toxic compounds within the metals. A certificate of e-stewardship compliance is available upon destruction when requested.

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Mobile Media Shredding

Introducing our new mobile on-site hard drive shredder located in Kamloops, British Columbia. Our mobile shredder can handle up to 4 large hard drives per minute or 240 drives per hour. Contact us for more information or to book our mobile shredder.