Container Service

Here at Interior Vault we manufacture and utilize containers to secure documents for long term storage. They are a once piece easy to assemble and store flat standing on end. Our containers come with our custom logo and legend markings on each end, and are available in kraft or white.


Security Containers and Consoles


Secure Document Destruction Containers

Here at Interior Vault we utilize and manufacture containers to secure documents prior to destruction. All disposal containers utilized are engineered with an enhanced office friendly ergonomic design, making integration into those normally unusable spaces very effective. We believe all business environments may operate a little different, and require an individually designed shredding program that properly traps the flow of information and to reduce the risk of identity theft. All companies and organizations, large and small, are faced with the need to securely manage and discard confidential documents. These include materials such as personnel records, customer files, price lists, sales figures and daily correspondence. Even internal materials can contain data that needs to remain private.

At Interior Vault, we are here to improve the efficiency and security of your company, along with providing great local service and huge savings. Interior Vault also offers LARGE and SMALL Records Purging to local businesses, with a NO MINIMUM CARTONS – NO MINIMUM FEE. So, there is no reason to be stock piling confidential and personal information. Large annual purging can now be eliminated and done on a routine basis. In smaller amounts, our simple and inexpensive formula assists business in protecting their own information and of their customers.

Many of our clients are maintaining the Desk Side Sweep program, which involves monitoring waste basket audits weekly. Interior Vault supplies complimentary desktop trays to collect all material for shredding that day, and adhere to a program where they are emptied into one of our secured containers daily, thus reducing the risk.
For more information download our brochures or contact Interior Vault.

Custom Cartons

Document Filing Cartons

Our Document Filing Boxes are 12″ x 15″ x 10″ and built from sturdy 200 lb test corrugated cardboard. They feature a hinged cap type lid, a water resistant coating, and are dust proof to protect the records inside. Two cartons will hold the contents of one standard letter size file drawer. If you’re using legal size files, you will be able to fit one of your drawers into about 2.5 cartons. The normal full weight for one of these cartons is about 30 pounds. This carton is standard size for record retention.

Bulk Drawing & Plan Cartons

Interior Vault’s Bulk Drawing/Plan Cartons are built from the same sturdy 200 lb test corrugated cardboard. These also have our water resistant coating and the same dust proof construction to protect your critical drawings as our business records cartons but come with open-end flaps for easy access to roll up plans and maps. These cartons will comfortably hold 10-12 rolled plans or Mylars. For added utility, Interior Vault stocks these cartons in either 12″ x 10″ x 36″ to 12″ x 10″ x 48″.

Barcodes and Labels

Barcodes are what makes the Interior Vault record storage system work. Our state of the art computer system tracks the location of all your record cartons in our warehouse and allows us to rapidly retrieve cartons or portions of cartons for recall and delivery. Because our technology is proprietary, we’ve made certain only to use the best possible handheld pc scanners, labels and printing technology.

Our barcode labels are laser printed onto high-quality paper for the best recognition by our barcode scanners. If you have an existing barcode system for records, we are happy to accommodate your existing alphanumeric sequence by recreating new labels, which work in sequence with our system.

To save you time, Interior Vault can apply the barcode labels to your cartons when we are packing your files. This service is optional and found in our Record Retention Tariff for Services.

Mobile Records Shelving Systems

Interior Vault mobile shelving systems are made by Borroughs and Mizer. There are many different shelving systems to choose from. Check them all out here.

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